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Many people still believe the outdated notion that fathers are generally less interested in raising their children than mothers. Traditionally, decisions on child custody and visitation have reflected this bias, harming both fathers and their children. At Bombardo Law Office, P.C. in Syracuse, I recognize the sacrifice that men are willing to make for their children, as well as the positive effect that a strong father-child relationship can have on a young person’s development and future behavior. Mothers also benefit when parenting time schedules include frequent contact between fathers and children. My firm works tirelessly on behalf of Central New York fathers to establish custody and visitation terms that protect the rights of fathers to provide loving guidance to their sons and daughters, and to receive significant and meaningful parenting time. 

Determined lawyer works to establish appropriate parenting arrangements

As a child's father, you have the right to play a key role in your child's life as well as have certain legal responsibilities. However, to gain access to your son or daughter, you might need an effective family law advocate to represent your interests in matters relating to:

  • Custody — Legal and physical custody must be addressed when it comes to creating beneficial parenting arrangements. Legal custody refers to the authority parents have to make important decisions regarding their sons and daughters. This is often shared regardless of what the residential arrangements entail. Physical custody is usually granted primarily to one parent due to school proximity and the need to maintain a steady routine. If you believe that your home will create a better environment for your child than their mother’s, I will assemble the information necessary to support that position. 
  • Visitation — The noncustodial parent has the right to ample visitation time with their child. When drafting and negotiating parenting time schedules, I take the time to set clear time-sharing terms that cover vacations, weekends and holidays, as well as transportation arrangements and access to extracurricular activities.
  • Paternity — Sometimes, a father’s legal paternity might not be established if he was not married to his child’s mother at the time of birth. Even if the parents and child live together as a family for an extended period of time, failing to gain legal recognition as parent could prevent a father from gaining custody and visitation rights. When parents break up, my firm assists men who need to establish legal parentage so that they can petition the court for an appropriate order.

Don’t let legal hurdles or unfair biases prevent you from playing a significant role in your child’s life. I know the positive difference a father can make and am committed to developing parenting arrangements that give men and their children the best chance to move forward successfully.

Interests of the child are the prime consideration in Family Court

Family law courts in the state of New York make all custody and visitation decisions based on the child’s best interests. My firm takes a detailed, honest look at the circumstances and formulates a proposal that states which parent should be granted which type of custody, and how frequently visits can be made by the non-custodial parent. Unfortunately, the misconception that mothers are going to care more for their children than fathers still persists in this area of the law. However, through diligent research and effective advocacy, my firm can make a strong case in support of a result that acknowledges the critical importance of the father-child bond, and the right of a father to have equal parenting time.  If it is proven to the court that the father is the better parent, then the father can be awarded primary or sole legal and physical custody.

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At the Bombardo Law Office, P.C. in Syracuse, I advise fathers of their rights under New York law and advocate for them in custody and visitation matters. Please call 315-800-4002 or contact me online to schedule an appointment.  

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