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Adoption is a complex legal process. If you are considering adopting a child in New York, the last thing you want to do is to make a mistake that could cause a delay or the rejection of your application. At Bombardo Family Law, P.C. in Syracuse, I guide prospective parents through the steps necessary to complete domestic or international placement. Drawing on more than 27 years of experience practicing family law in New York, I will carefully assess your situation and advise you on any additional steps that will be needed to complete the adoption process.

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Adoption comes in many different forms. Indeed, there are a wide array of circumstances that can lead parents to adopt. Some adoptions involve relatives, some involve children with whom the family has a pre-existing relationship and some involve children who are not even born yet. My office assists parents in Central New York with many different types of adoptions, including:

  • Agency adoptions — These adoption cases generally involve children who were placed into the care of New York State agencies or charity organizations. The children may end up in foster care after being surrendered by their biological parents.
  • Open adoptions — An open adoption is one in which the prospective adoptive parents have direct contact (or contact through a third-party organization) with a child’s biological parent, prior to the actual birth. These cases can be complicated, and it is important for adoptive parents to know that they will have rights to the child.
  • Relative adoptions — There are times in which a grandparent, stepparent, uncle, aunt, sibling or another relative may be in a position to assume the legal responsibility to care for a child. This may occur due to the termination of parental rights or the death of the parent(s). In some cases, biological parents object to relative adoptions.
  • Second-parent adoptions — Through this type of adoption, an adult who is not the biological parent of their child or their partner’s child can become a legal guardian. Second-parent adoptions are common among same-sex couples and couples where at least one partner has a child from a previous relationship.

As an experienced and dedicated family attorney, I handle all adoption cases personally. You can count on me to respond promptly to your inquiries and concerns during the exciting and stressful adoption journey.

Committed lawyer helps parents deal with common obstacles to adoption

Unfortunately, for prospective adoptive parents, the legal process of adoption can sometimes be slow, confusing, stressful and generally frustrating. There are many different challenges that could potentially arise. Our Syracuse family law team works diligently to ensure that prospective parents can overcome any challenges that could prevent or delay legal adoption. Some of the most common obstacles include:

  • Background checks — Under New York law, a background check is required as part of the adoption process. In certain circumstances, adverse information such as a felony conviction can make adoption impossible. If you believe a background check might cause a problem in your case, reach out to a qualified adoption lawyer as soon as possible.
  • Home study — The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) requires prospective adoptive parents to undergo a home study as part of the application process. The home study includes a set of interviews and training sessions meant to prepare the prospective parents for adoption and evaluate their parental fitness. Typically, a home study will need to be completed by the appropriate state agencies within a few months of filing the adoption application. Should it be necessary, I can help you prepare for this important part of the process.
  • Parental objections and disputes — Finally, in some cases, litigation will be required over whether or not the child’s biological parent or their adoptive parent will have legal guardianship of a child. This can happen for many different reasons and it can be very stressful for the parties involved. It may be an issue in a case where a relative is trying to adopt a child from a parent they view as unfit, or a legal issue may arise because a child’s biological parent unexpectedly re-emerges into the picture, as sometimes happens with putative fathers. Regardless of the specific circumstances of your case, our attorney is standing by, ready to fight for your rights.

My Syracuse family law team works diligently to help prospective parents address challenges that could prevent or delay legal adoption. If the viability of your application is under threat, I will adamantly pursue an appropriate resolution to the issue at hand.

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At Bombardo Law Office, P.C. in Syracuse, I guide prospective New York parents at every stage of the adoption process, including when disputes and legal hurdles arise. To schedule a free legal consultation, call 315-800-4002 or contact me online.

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