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Even though the stress and confinement associated with Covid-19, we know in our hearts, these days will pass.0515794001618455406.jpg

Among the casualties of the pandemic are many relationships that have continued to crack under the pressure of our adjusted lives. Almost daily there are news reports of celebrity breakups amidst the pandemic and many are predicting an explosion of divorces once it has passed.

Whether you had begun divorce proceedings prior to the outbreak or have decided through this period that enough is enough, you want to take time now to plan strategically for the best outcome.

While many courts may have paused proceedings, there are steps to be taken now to assure your peace of mind in the future. What can you do now to keep proceedings moving forward and assure an equitable solution and even child support arrangements? Syracuse Family Lawyer Richard Bombardo has over two decades of experience in family law. He can help you choose a path to a better divorce.

While many divorces are acrimonious and involve difficult litigation in the courts, other couples, even those with children, can often resolve issues amicably.

A settled divorce, either through negotiation or mediation can continue to proceed outside of the courts and lead to far less stress and aggravation. They could potentially be one positive in this otherwise very difficult period.

Many couples with children may not realize that child support can also be negotiated outside the courts.

This too may be a less caustic way to move toward a better divorce. Divorce and family law issues are not always about “winning” or “punishing” the other party. People sometimes make mistakes and try as they may to resolve them, it just may not work out. In these cases, reaching a settlement can be a far superior path to a better divorce.

The Bombardo Law Office has always made providing an exceptional customer service experience for his clients a priority.

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Your life doesn't need to be put on hold. Take steps now to ensure a better future. Contact the Syracuse Family Law Office of Richard Bombardo. We look forward to helping you achieve a better divorce.

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