Monthly Archives: February 2016

Arbitration Divorce and Mediation

Often when a couple is going through the divorce process, the judge will send the couple to either mediation or arbitration to work out their divorce agreement before the courts decide anything. The courts would rather a couple determine what is best for themselves since they are the ones who know their situations best. If…
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Real Property vs. Personal Property

In legal terms, there are two different types of property: real and personal. This distinction between types of property comes from English common law, but our modern laws continue to make the distinction. Each type of property is treated differently under the law and there are many types of laws that distinguish between real property…
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Can I Dispute A Common Law Marriage?

In many states, a couple who have not gone through a marriage ceremony can receive the same legal status as a couple who have been formally married. This status is called a “common law marriage.” In a ceremonial marriage, the couple will have filed for a marriage certificate, often planned a wedding or another ceremony…
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