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Filing for Divorce When Your Spouse Cannot Be Found

Filing for divorce is not only an emotional process but also a very legally intensive one as well. Indeed, in terms of the legal process, ending a marriage is much more complicated than is entering into one.   The process of filing for divorce begins with the filing of a summons at the county clerk’s…
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Paternity Testing Via Court Order: What You Need to Know  

Being unsure about whether you are the father of a child, or being a mother who is unsure about who is the father of a child, can be an unnerving experience. Indeed, both mothers and alleged fathers alike surely want confirmation of paternity - once paternity is established, other benefits ensue, such as child support,…
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Does a Child Have a Say in a Child Custody Determination?

  When parents are divorcing, one of the most emotional and potentially contentious parts of reaching a divorce settlement is determining with which party a child will live, as well as what the visitation rights of the other party will be. While there are a number of factors the affect a child custody determination, parents…
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