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What to Do When the Parent in Custody Is Not Compliant with Visitation Times

If a judge rules on an order regarding child custody and visitation between the custodial and the non-custodial parents, that order becomes enforceable by law. If the custodial parent does not follow the court ordered custody and visitation order, the situation can be frustrating and emotional for everyone involved. Fortunately, New York child custody laws…
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3 Tips To Win An Appeal When SSD Has Been Denied

Based on the most recent statistics released by the Social Security Administration, the award rate for Social Security applicants has gone down year after year -- to the point that just over a third of those who applied were awarded benefits in 2010. It has already taken months and you just found out your application…
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Can A Family Inheritance Be Split In A Divorce?

Divorce is hard enough. Add in the complicated questions of how to divide all the property you have acquired over the years to the inevitable emotions and conflicts that surround the end of a marriage and it becomes nearly overwhelming. One question many people have is whether a family inheritance is subject to division in…
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