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Pet Custody Claim Shows that Divorce Claims Do Not Have to Be Typical

While each and every divorce is different, with different people and their unique interests that are unmatched by anyone else, divorce law divides all of these different interests into only a few separate categories, like property distribution, alimony, or child support and custody. However, just because there are not many different parts in a divorce…
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Involuntarily Proving Paternity in New York

If you do not have a husband but have a child, then there is no legal presumption as to who the father of the child is. The lack of such a presumption makes it necessary to prove who the father is if you want your child’s father to have both the rights and responsibilities associated with legal…
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Voluntarily Claiming Paternity: A Closer Look

Becoming a father is a huge life stage. It means you no longer are in life on your own – instead, you have someone else who is counting on you to make his or her life better from the very start. There are many of us who want to take on this life stage and look…
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