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Why Does New York Recognize Out-of-state Common Law Marriages?

Contrary to what many people believe about getting married, you do not need an extravagant ceremony or even a trip to the courthouse to tie the knot in some states. In fact, there are still a handful of states in the U.S. that recognize the idea of “common law marriage,” which can mean that you…
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How the Child Support System Fails the Poor

The child support system is the way courts make certain that fathers are contributing to the welfare of their children. It steps in following a divorce, and it can step in if a child is born out of wedlock and the father tries not to have a part to play in the family he has…
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Division of Assets: Equitable Distribution

In the divorce process, if a couple disagrees on division of the assets and debts, then the courts decide how the property will be divided. Everything you own will be separated into real property, such as your house, and personal property, such as cars and furniture. This is called a “property division order.” What is…
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3 Ways a Prenuptial Agreement Can Make Life Better

Emotionally-speaking, a prenuptial agreement is a difficult proposition to bring up. A prenuptial agreement is done as an immediate precursor to marriage, and yet its basic function is to prepare for the marriage’s ending. However, the significant emotional weight of writing a prenuptial agreement is greatly outweighed by the numerous types of protection that having…
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